Cloud Security

Prevent your infrastructure from threats by integrating security. We provide recommendations and implementation which ensures that the code deployed to the environments are not vulnerable.

Cloud Infrastructure security is always a key concern for any business. Use our expert advice to prevent or remediate your environment the right way.

  • Total protection with Security Center
  • Network security with DDoS Protection, Firewall and Security Groups
  • Secrets, key, certificate management with security services
  • Secure tunneling with VPN Gateway
  • Managing user, group with Active Directory
  • Access restriction with IAM, Policies
  • Automated role assignment with PIM

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It is important to secure the infrastructure. Similarly, the source code needs a scanning method. We provide the security checks so that the source code gets validated before it gets pushed to the repository and deployed to the environment. Static Application Testing:

  • Automated scan with on-premise SonarQube cluster
  • Security scan with Sonar Cloud service
  • Web application security with free OWASP tool
  • Deep security analysis with WhiteSource Bolt Dashboard

Dynamic Application Testing:
  • Live application automated security testing with OWASP ZAP
  • Application and services functional testing with selenium

Networking allows resources connectivity. Mange your cloud infrastructure and applications through secure networking implementation.

  • Private network setup with Virtual Network
  • Faster content delivery with CDN
  • Distribution and management of traffic with Load Balancer and Traffic manager
  • Connect private network with on-premise via Local Network Gateway
  • HTTPS based access management with Bastion service
  • Layer 7 protection with Application Gateway
  • Name resolution with DNS
  • Global route management with Front Door
  • Access management with Network Security Group
  • Network security with Firewall
  • Implementing application layer firewall (WAF)
  • Network connection with peering and via gateways

Let us introduce security for your environment.

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