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Businesses are migrating their infrastructure to the cloud to reduce the IT infrastructure costs. Through our cloud consulting services we provide a smooth transition and implementation into the cloud.


We pride ourselves in being exceptionally experienced in the cloud. Through our consulting services we provide services for cloud administrationcloud migration, and disaster recovery to our clients.


Compute services are the primary need for every cloud user. Through our cloud computing services we offer recommendations so that performancescalabilitycost, and optimization can be managed effectively

• Cloud Virtual Machine setup and auto-scale instances on the basis of utilization
• Building of application using PAAS with Web Apps
• API management with Function App
• Containerization of application/services with container instances
• Setting up cluster and managing micro-services with Kubernetes Service like AKS or EKS


Migration to the cloud can be challenging. We make it easy by holding your hand through the process of assessingmigratingoptimizing, and managing.

• Migrate on-premise infrastructure to the cloud
• Disaster prevention with Site Recovery implementation
• Manage and process data with data migration services and pipelines
• Migrate databases from on-premise to the cloud


Large data files require workspace and faster transfer. We help businesses choose the best storage services, tier, and cost analysis.

• Manage and share file, data with Azure storage account
• Manage less frequently used data with AWS data lake and Glacier
• Implement automated backup and restore to the files using recovery vault
• Migrate data to cloud storage using data factory and pipelines


Database is essential for an application to track and store the records. Our experts provide consulting and recommendations on workload, throughput, resourcesoptimization, and contention.

• Structured database management using SQL and MySQL
• Unstructured and object oriented databases using CosmosDB and MongoDB
• Faster browsing with implementation of object using Redis cache
• Cloud-native application development with databases

Provide a smooth transition and implementation into the cloud.

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