DevOps Consulting

DevOps is all about automating the process to reduce the manual efforts and proper collaboration is required to make faster deliveries.​
Cloudfiery Azure DevOps Service

Azure DevOps Services

Ensure Team Collaboration and end-to-end DevOps lifecycle with Azure DevOps Services. We offer DevOps services to modernize the development process.

  • Installation and configuration of Azure DevOps Server
  • Migration of on-premise TFS/ADO Server
  • Work management through Azure Boards for all the organization projects
  • Source code management with Azure Repos
  • End-to-end CI/CD Azure Pipelines for development and production environment
  • Multi-stage pipeline setup with Azure YAML

AWS DevOps Services

AWS offers DevOps services.  Let us help you choose the best services that will develop and deliver your services the fastest.

  • Manage the source code with Code Commit repository
  • CI/CD pipelines with AWS CodeBuild, CodeDeploy and CodePipeline
  • Manage the projects via DevOps process using AWS CodeStar
Cloudfiery AWS DevOps Service

Let us architect Cloud Solutions for your environment

Cloudfiery GitLab Service

GitLab DevOps Services

Automate the build, test, code analysis lifecycle with GitLab DevOps Lifecyle. We help create pre-configured features and tasks to bring the DevOps to the project lifecycle sooner.

  • Project Management
  • Source Code management
  • CI/CD Services

BitBucket DevOps Services

Bitbucket offers the easier integration between requirement gathering, development and  deliveries to the customers. Provides optimization to both code and CI/CD:

  • Integration with Jira board
  • Manage the source code with Bitbucket repository
  • Bitbucket CI/CD YAML pipeline
Bitbucket CI/CD Service
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