Containerization and Orchestration

Make the application deployment lightweight, consistent and faster using containerization and orchestration DevOps tools implementation.


Deploying the application consistently to all the environments is always a difficult task. Multiple issues exist such as system version, software/tool version or missing files during deployment. We help businesses use containers and keep applications similar across the platforms.

  • Installation and configuration of Docker
  • Custom Image creation with Dockerfile
  • Dockerfile setup with YAML
  • Orchestration with Docker Swarm
  • Multi-container setup with Docker-Compose
  • Setup and restrict access with Docker networks


Convert your entire environment from monolithic to microservices architecture. We offer orchestration services for on-premise and cloud based Kubernetes services. Use our expertise for Helm charts and Kustomize.

  • Setting up on-premise Kubernetes Cluster
  • Easy managing of services and nodes
  • Manage applications with AKS
  • Auto Load-Balancing with AKS
  • Manage cluster with Kubernetes dashboard
  • Implement flexible Micro-Service architecture

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