Application consists of vulnerabilities and confidential data. We implement an automated DevSecOps process in which we can scan the environments and secure them from threats.
Cloudfiery OWASP Testing


OWASP provides free dependency checker service and scans the code by keeping national vulnerability database as reference. Let us integrate OWASP with CI/CD pipelines in your environment.

White Source Bolt

For enhanced tools which provides efficient scanning with advanced reports and recommendations use WhiteSource bolt. We offer integration with Azure classic and YAML pipelines to scan and generate security reports.
Cloudfiery White-Source testing

Let us architect Cloud Solutions for your environment

Cloudfiery Whitesource service

Sonar Cloud

Implement widely used security application tools and services for fixing vulnerabilities by assigning automated bugs. We provide installation, configuration and CI/CD integration for automated security checks.

Owasp Zap

Create custom scripts for rest API which will make the dynamic scan on the website and generate the readable reports. Allow us to integrate OWASP ZAP into your cloud infrastructure.
Cloudfiery Static Testing
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Allow us to integrate security into your infrastructure and application.

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